We design programs for the adventurous who love nature, those who appreciate sunsets in the mountains, adrenaline on a bike, feeling an endless walks. Imagine all of that complemented with delicious local gastronomy, tour guides who vibrate with nature and become in excellent fellow travelers.

Antonio Belmar Sorensen: General ManagerBorn in Denmark, he started his travel experiences between Chile and his native country since he was a little child. Most of his school life was in Concepción, until seventeen, when he started to explore different adventures in other latitudes. After living in Ero island, where he studied in a sport College, he started travelling to many places, as Tunes, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic and Costa Rica. He discovered his passion of exploring unknown places and adventure sports and then he started his career in Ecotourism administration. He is NOLS outdoor leader master WAFA rescuer 14 year experience on travel planning and outdoor journeys A big fan of adding everyday experiences to his life, who lives in the central zone mountain range, where he had founded, in companion of his wife and partner Macarena, a shared dream for enjoying nature and adventure, Verdetour. Macarena Sperry: Program managerEcotourism administrator from Andres Bello University. Macarena is passionate for nature; she is a great connoisseur of birds, flora and geology of the region. Her sympathy and good humor makes easy the relationship with the passengers, being able to have successful programs to cover our clients’ needs. With an amazing disposition and hard work, Macarena and Antonio have made real the project of Verdetour, located in Bio Bio, creating a new destiny for ecotourism activities and adventure tourism. Felipe Hojas Palacios Operations ManagementAs a child he was always tied with our mountain range and with the beautiful nature that surrounds Bio Bio district. Ecotourism administrator from Andres Bello University who was able to turn his hobby into his profession. Since 2008, he had work in outdoor activities and nowadays he is part of VerdeTour working team and partner. Within the certifications and courses that he had taken to execute his work in a safe and professional way we can find: Basic mountain course at ENAM (National Mountain School) Glaciers mountaineering course and crevasse rescue at FEACH (Chilean Mountaineering Federation) Autonomous sport diver enrollment issued by the Chilean Navy, the WFR (Wilderness First Responder) and the WMI (National Outdoor Leadership School). W.F.R He is always worried to share the love and respect that he has for nature in order to people to get experiences that genuinely connect them with nature.

Our Story

Antonio and Macarena, after graduating from the Ecotourism Administration, decide to build their own house, a bioconstruction, on a plot of Antonio’s family, located in the Atacalco Valley, in the Pinto Commune, Ñuble Region from Chile. This place destined by his family to the conservation, was the beginning and base operations of Verde Tour. Verde Tour is a family business founded in 2010 by Antonio Belmar and Macarena Sperry. Felipe Hojas was then joined as a partner and co-worker. Always aiming to generate a proposal of ecotourism and adventure travel in the Bio Bio region and in Chile, with the conviction of being a contribution for the development of sustainable tourism, participating in different instances that help to this end: Training of Local Guides with the Foundation Sendero of Chile (Chiles Trail) Cleaning Campaigns in the Atacalco Valley Participation in public meetings for the development of the Valle Las Trancas Destination We work in the training of future Ecotourism Professionals at Andrés Bello University, Concepción We have a Private 8 hectares Park for Conservation, environmental education and ecotourism. Environmental education exits in conjunction with Fundación Sendero de Chile with schools, seniors and public in general. These activities complement our offer of tours, always generating the value of the cultural and natural heritage, with a responsible and safe execution, focused on the quality of the experience.

Conservation, Education and Tourism.

Part of our mission is focused on the conservation of Biodiversity of our environment, that’s why we have a Private Protected Area, called Tierra Verde Park, this park has as objective the conservation and recovery of native species of flora and fauna. The Tierra Verde Park is located within the Biosphere Reserve named by UNESCO ‘Nevados de Chillán – Laja Lagoon’. It has 8 hectares of native forest, among which are species with conservation problems such as: mañio, the guindo santo, the cypress of the cordillera, among others; that conform the habitat of a great variety of species of fauna, emphasizing the torrent duck and the dromiciops (monito del monte). The conservation objective is regulated by a management plan that does not allow the introduction of exotic species and extractive activities, it allows recreational activities and environmental education, in areas intended for public use.